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About Fairway Play

Fairway Play is a software development company that develops mobile applications for the golf industry that:

  • Allow golfers to easily play fun games;
  • Enhance golfers’ enjoyment of their actual golf game;
  • Create captive, incremental revenue for golf course owners and operators;
  • provide a bridge for non-course golfers to move to on-course golf;

…all while maximizing the shareholder value of Fairway Play investors. The Company’s first game, Anamules, was developed to meet this vision.

Featured Games

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Participating Course Benefits

Subscribing golf courses stand to benefit greatly from their relationship with Fairway Play through the following means:

  • Increased on-course F&B sales from Fairway Play game players
  • Increased clubhouse F&B sales from Fairway Play game players
  • Increased tee time demand from Fairway Play game players
  • Ability to market to Fairway Play’s database of players
  • A way to bridge the gap to bring the “Top Golf” non-course golfers to their courses with an entertaining, experience-based way to play the traditional golf game


"One of the most asked questions we get at the clubhouse is, “Do you have any fun games we can play?” With Anamules, we now do. The game is fun to play and the players tend to stick around afterward more often.” Carter, a clubhouse attendant

"Our course has always had a problem with players leaving the property to go elsewhere for a cheaper post-round beverage. With Anamules, we have been able to keep these players on-site.” Mike, a course GM

"I love groups that play this game on the course. They never wave me past.” Amanda, a beverage cart operator

“Anamules is a blast to play. I have been playing the game for years and the app makes it so much easier to track.” Tim, an Anamules player